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Train Like A SEAL level I is an 8 week transformational program created by Jason Pike, former U.S. Navy SEAL, Combat Veteran, Military Contractor, Entrepreneur, and devout man of God, and other world renowned coaches that specialize in fitness, nutrition, business, faith, mindset and discipline development.

During this 8 week program, you will experience what it means to be disciplined like a Navy SEAL warrior in all aspects of your daily life.

Each day, from the time you wake up, you will be guided in a daily routine, daily devotional, 20 minute workout routine, and other tools needed to help you become more successful than you ever thought imaginable.

Each week, you will meet with the TLAS coaches and other high profile public figures from around the globe on a one hour Zoom call where we will cover personal growth and development topics that are designed to help you achieve the delicate balance of MIND, BODY, SPIRIT. At the end of your coaches meeting, there will be Q&A where the coaches will answer any specific questions you have concerning your future growth or issues you are currently dealing with.

At the end of the 8 week program, all graduates will be placed in a private group with the coaches so we can continue to build a team of well rounded leaders not only for your personal lives but our communities.

There is not another program on the market that focuses on all three tiers of life.

It is time to take control of your life and begin to live the life you have always desired!



  • 8 Week "Personal Growth & Development" Transformational Program

  • Daily 20 Workout Routine (Burn Fat & Gain Muscle)

  • Nutritional Guidance (Help Fine Tune Your Personal Program)

  • Daily Devotional (Deepen Your Faith & Relationship With God)

  • Daily Discipline Routine (Develop Necessary Discipline & Habits)

  • Weekly Motivational Video (Weekly Video Discussing The Weeks Topics)

  • Leadership Development

  • Mindset Development

  • Weekly TLAS Coaches Meeting (1 Hour Zoom Call With World Renowned Life Coaches)

  • Graduates Are Placed In A Private Group To Continue Their PG&D And Are Eligible To Attend Seminars

Message from former Navy SEAL and Train Like A SEAL CEO Jason Pike


As a SEAL I learned how to develop an unbeatable mind, not only to be successful in combat but my personal life, however due to trauma I received from combat and growing up, there was underlying issues that I had no idea how much I was effected by until it started bleeding out into my personal life. As I hit rock bottom time and time again without understanding why, it came to a point to where I didn't know what I needed, I just couldn't continue living in the manner and habits that I was currently living in, and this began my journey in Personal Growth & Development.


I spent over a decade studying psychology and human behavior to really understand how we as humans are effected by our past, and that it's not just war that causes PTSD. We are just as effected as children that has grown up in toxic and broken homes.


15 years into my journey, years of therapist, and personal education, I finally understood that what traumatized me emotionally as a child is the reason I chose to be a SEAL. I was effected to a point that I needed a protector, as I didn't have that as a child from my parents, so when I became of age, I wanted to become one of the worlds most elite warriors to ensure that I would never be physically hurt again, by protecting the child that was emotionally traumatized inside of me. No one would ever have the ability to hurt me again. What I didn't realize is by focusing on building my mind and body physically on top of trauma, I was building an inescapable room for that child and this prevented him from developing into a man in many aspects. This is why we act out in rage. This is why we don't have the ability to communicate properly, make bad decisions, lack of self worth, and so much more. The child inside each of us that has been put behind protective walls, is simply not emotionally developed and every time conflict occurs, we lash out to prevent from being hurt again.


This is when I decided to create a full blown tier 3 personal development program to help others not only identify current issues they face, why these issues are present, how these issues effect their daily life and mind, and guide them through the process of overcoming the mental struggles that are holding them back, all the while remaining in a protective, non judgemental, environment with not only people who have experienced severe trauma, but overcome them to live very prosperous lives in marriage, parental, business, finances, and other areas.


We must accept that the world is full of hate and evil, therefore it is imperative that we are physically developed to handle it as times arise. We must also accept that each of us do have trauma and understand that this trauma regardless of how great or little is truly effecting our daily life and our future success in all aspects. The last tier is accepting that the feeling you have of, a greater purpose is very real, and the reason you can't find that purpose is due to looking in the wrong places. That purpose can only be achieved by accepting and stepping into why you were created and getting to know the One that created you. Only then will that void you feel and calling of life placed on your heart be fulfilled. You know this feeling don't you? When one of these tiers are not in balance it will undoubtedly reek havoc in and on your life.


As a SEAL I was mentally and physically unstoppable, and I truly believed there wasn't another level of strength that existed on this planet because nothing could break down the walls I had built. When I mastered the tier 3 system, Mind, Body, Spirit, I then understood how emotionally weak I was and why I needed to be so physically strong, and IF my mind and body could be compromised, there was nothing left but a spiritually broken man underneath. Now I am able to truly experience what it means to be unstoppable, Mind, Body, Spirit and I want to share it with you in my 8 week Mind, Body, Spirit, program.


Sometimes in life you simply have to say, I don't know what life holds, but I do know I am tired of being where I am and embrace that feeling that God has placed on your heart, embarking on a journey to change your life. You are called to be so much more and I can help you achieve it.



"Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

Jason Pike

CEO Train Like A SEAL

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