Welcome to our Online Instructor Program. We are proud to announce the launch of this amazing program ran by former Navy SEAL Jason Pike, owner and Chief Instructor of Frogman Tactical.

The purpose behind this program is for us to be able to reach more shooters and give them the knowledge so they can pass it on to others. We are a small team and do not possess the ability to train everyone on the range. Even though we would like to have that opportunity, it is simply not realistic.

This program allows us to give you everything you have wanted at your own pace. We have been asked time and time again to produce a program for distance learning and we have!

You may be asking how this program works?

It is very simple and to the point. Once you have signed up, here are the steps.

1. The student will receive access to the online training videos where they are required to watch each video and ensure they understand the principals.

2. The student will then begin their journey of being a teacher of self. They will film themselves teaching the given material and once completed, send to Jason Pike himself, to be reviewed and critiqued. From there the student will continue on with the training material as well as correct any concerns that were part of the critiquing stage.

3. The student will take quizzes as they watch the training videos as well as a final quiz at the end of each video and obtain a passing score of 100%. Don't worry! If you have trouble we will help you get there. This is not designed to be pass or fail. We simply have extremely high standards and expectations of our students and we put our heart and soul into each student to ensure they achieve their desired goals. The good news is even you can get to that high level of proficiency with Jason's help.

4. At the end of the training program you will take a final quiz that covers everything you learned.

5. After successful completion, you will receive a certificate of completion.

6. From there you have the option to use the knowledge for yourself, help others, or open your own firearms training business which we can guide you in the process if desired. 

7. You will have the ability to attend Jason's classes as an assistant instructor when needed and get paid.  This will help give you more range training and see how he applies the techniques in a real life environment.

If you are tired of watching hundreds of hours of videos on social media hoping to gain a few tips and tricks if you're lucky, stop wasting your time and join this program now! It will be the best investment you have made to date.

Courses Currently Offered:

- Handgun Concepts

- Handgun Mastery

If you would like more information or would like to join Jason's program contact us!



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