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Advanced CCW Concepts

Refining Mechanics to Advanced Concepts

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In the Advanced CCW Concepts the student will get an opportunity to learn aspects such as; - Levels of situational awareness - Levels of force - Effective draw stroke from concealed - Refine your mechanics to improve safety for advanced training - Principals of getting off the X - Threat recognition - Improved shot placement - Front site focus versus target focus and when to use each one - Recoil management shooting (Improved follow up shots) - Engage threats out to 25 yards effectively - Shoot, move, communicate with others in a dynamic environment - Lean how to work around bystanders safely without flagging - Command and control of the environment - Basic medical administration At the end of this course you will have with an entire new perspective on what it means to bare the burdens of a CCW holder and your responsibility for choosing to do so. The skills you learn in this course are extremely high level and are taught by Navy SEALs and Special Forces. NOTE: In the video you see, understand this is a very advanced level of what you will learn. This seminar is to teach you all of the needed tools to get to this level safely without flagging yourself or anyone else if you choose to do so, however your safety is our first priority and understand what it takes to achieve that level of training. Each student learns at their own pace and we focus on each students needs in our classes, rather than push information out in the mass to the class and just roll with it. We observe each student, and adapt the training to their needs. Start Time: 08:00 (Ready to train! I would recommend you get on location at 07:15-07:20) Lunch: 45 minutes (Bring your own or head to town) Class End: 1700-1800 Hotels: In Stanton or 20 minutes away in Midland, TX. You may also camp out on location GEAR LOAD OUT: - CCW Holster (No Leather or cross draw holster allowed in our courses) - Handgun of choice - 400 Rounds of ammunition (Our primary focus is giving the knowledge you can take home with you. If you desire to shoot less or more, please adjust according, however you will not shoot more than 400 rounds.) - Eye Protection - Hearing Protection - Drinks and snacks - We will have a cleaning kit for issues that arise NOTE: If you need to make payments to secure your spot, contact us at to discuss this further. We want to offer this training to all that need it and financing is one way we like to help. We look forward to working with you!

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