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             Private training offers many benefits to the client such as, privacy for those that simply want to keep their faces and training off the map, which is something to consider the world is going. Some feel they need and want that extra attention they get in private training which allows for us to give them a higher level of training in greater detail due to instructor to client ratios, and it allows us to really observe where the client is in their skill-set so we can hone in on what that individual needs to improve as fast as possible because our time together is limited, and we want you to leave with the ability to perform under pressure as well as to be able to take the information given home and continue your growth.

How Does Private Training Work?

Once you have committed yourself to Private Training, you will speak to Jason over the phone. He will listen to your concerns, ask you questions about your lifestyle, and come up with a verbal curriculum that best fits the clients needs. Jason will write out a training plan based on what was discussed. Once you as the client approve the curriculum, the only thing left is the training.

How Do I Decide What Training Will Best Benefit Me?

Don't worry about this too much. Jason will help you identify what will best benefit you and your needs, however we have had clients that want to learn CQB, Land Warfare, Small Unit Tactics, or other areas that really have no bearing on their daily lives. Your desires are endless.

How Many Days Can I Do Private Training?

This all depends on your availability time wise, ability to retain information, and overall physical conditioning. Although Jason teaches at the clients level and only pushes them to their highest ability for safety concerns, we promote that education is far more important than you trying to go fast. You can do that at home in your continued education. We will push you in training but the goal is to ensure you have not only retained the information but can physically demonstrate it well. We have had clients that come for a single day and clients that actually come stay in-house with Jason for 30 days which is the limit.

What we find is those that want tactical training typically train 3-7 days and those that want to submerge themselves in-house for Christ focused Mentorship, Mindset Development, Physical Fitness, and Injury Rehabilitation, train 14-30 days.

How Many People Can Train?

Private Training head count varies based on the client/s. We have had large groups up to 30 people for a week or training and as small as 1 person for 1 day of training.

What Does Private Training Cost?

Training varies based on a few factors such as, how many clients, what type of training due to location of training, and training days desired. You can send us an email at and Jason will get back to answer all of your questions.

Training Offered:

Handgun and Rifle Basics
Handgun and Rifle Mastery
Precision Rifle
Long Range
Close Quarters Defense
Close Quarters Battle
Land Warfare
Small Unit Tactics
Home Defense
Vehicle Defense
Knife Defense
Hand To Hand Combat
Medical Trauma
Economic Collapse
Situational Awareness
Mindset Development
Physical Fitness
Strength & Conditioning
Injury Rehabilitation
Christian Mentorship


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