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“As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Man Sharpens Another”

 Proverbs 27:17

As history has shown us, countries are destroyed from the inside out, as we can see happening on our own soil, and only when FEARLESS WARRIORS stand up and take the fight to the enemy from all sides, will we prevail as a nation. The importance and role as men has been diminished over time and it is up to each of us to put on the Armor of God and prepare for battle against all enemies, Spiritually and Physically, and it starts here.

Welcome to the Gideon project. The word Gideon means “WARRIOR” or “THE ONE WHO CUTS DOWN”. We as men are called to bring peace to our homes, to protect our wives and children mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, laying down our lives on a daily basis for what we believe in. We are called to be able to carry a baby in one hand and kill evil with the other hand that seeks to harm the innocent. The burdens that we as men must bear is extraordinary, therefore, we must forge ourselves into warriors through rigorous training that never ends. There are no excuses to one’s inability to be anything, but the warrior God has created you to be.

The Gideon project is a group of men that are dedicating their lives to the purpose they are called to. This project is a means for warriors to come together and learn invaluable skills as well as bond and learn from other like-minded warriors.

Each project will focus on different aspects of training such as firearms, fitness & health, self-defense, home defense, vehicle defense, field craft, medical skills, teamwork, and much more.

Being a warrior is a choice. You can answer the call and start the journey of forging yourself into a warrior, or you can sit on the porch. We will never try to convince you that you are something you feel you are not, but if you have that void inside you that we know is there, you are expected as men to answer the calling and settle for nothing less than your best.

God created you to have dominion and to rule this place. It is time you rise as a man in this world and start dominating, being the warrior, you have always desired to be.


Who can join?

If you are breathing, you are eligible! As a man, regardless of your age, your medical issues, you are a warrior, and we are willing to devote our time in teaching you how to work around your needs. Know who you are created to be and learn to adapt and overcome to what you are facing.

Available spots:

Each project is limited based on the training so we ensure that each warrior receives the training they need so do not wait to register for one of our projects.


Monahans, TX (Details will be sent to those who have registered only!)

Gear Needed:

Gear varies based on the training project. Typical gear includes firearms, ammunition, holsters, eye protection, etc. You may bring more or less gear based on what you have. We train you to work with what you have instead of what we feel you need. 


SEPT 23-24


OCT 14

Pistol Optional)

NOV 3-4

Advanced CCW

NOV 17-18

CQB 1-2 Man
Home Defense


DEC 1-2

CQB 2-4 Man
Rifle and Pistol


Dec 15-16

CQB 2-4 Man
Rifle and Pistol


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