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In the last election years it has become clear that our world has extreme evil and it continues to be exposed at various levels. It seems as if evil is in full force. Most recently a new deadly strain of virus known as Covid-19 is a beefed up virus that derives from the Corona-virus which has been present for thousands of years. We can see this by looking on certain products that kill germs and viruses that display the words, “will kill the Corona-virus.”

This virus created some serious mass hysteria. Toilet paper hoarding, food hoarding, fighting, attacking, beating, and an absolute disgusting display of human nature at its best. In the past week and a half we have seen a great increase in closing businesses such as schools, big and small businesses alike, and now the American People are asked to remain inside unless they need something that is a necessity.

At this time the President of the United States and State Governors are stating that they hope to have the country back on its feet by Easter 2020. Although this is only a couple weeks, I think we can all agree this has caused some serious concerns of the people and has shown that most Americans are truly not prepared in any manner for such a disaster.

I am no medical professional and I have my personal views like anyone else, but I want to focus on what I am an expert in and hopefully help others prepare for the future.

One thing I ask of you is this. Every time something occurs in our country the American People go crazy and begin to face the reality of the dangers we possibly face in the world, but shortly after they go right back to their normal way of life as if nothing happened. If you value your well being and more importantly your families well being you will not look at this as a hiccup and carry on in your life as if you can’t be touched. Of course it is impossible to set yourself up until the end of an "apocalyptic" event, however you can ensure that your family is as prepared as it can be for your lifestyles.

I won't go too deep into the financial aspect, but just to cover an overview of what I would say most Americans are facing. We are indoctrinated into a society that constantly thrives for wealth regardless of our financial position. Most Americans live outside of their means and when a pandemic comes this way they have little money and little supplies. Take some time and look at your life, asking yourself do you spend your earning on things that are not a true necessity and even when we do that, have we went above and beyond what we need, meaning, my home, do I truly need this size home, does my car really need all of the bells and whistles, how much do I spend on clothes, shoes, high tech guns that stay locked up and are only a show piece? When we fall to a milestone such as this in life and we face stresses because we can’t sustain ourselves 2-3 months, then it’s important to begin looking at how we possibly mismanage our money. Of course each person has the right to do what they choose with their earnings but through these experiences, if we don’t learn and adapt our lifestyles, history is destined to repeat itself time and time again and we have no one to blame but ourselves knowing we constantly put our families in danger.

In a situation such as this there are many factors that are important such as essentials to survival. Food, water, medicines, lines of defense, and self protection. I am in no way discounting the seriousness of the Covid-19, however the mass hysteria is very minimal at the moment. We in our lifetime have never experienced a true pandemic that left us in ruins. Those from our history have and we need to look, listen, and learn from them, or in time history in bound to repeat itself and you will become part of that history.

I like to treat this as true combative mission planning but the reality is there are some differences so we can’t approach it exactly the same. In combat, water and food is not your first line of defense whereas during times we face right now, we have a home, protection, no one is trying to overthrow our land, and much more, therefore how we prioritize things are different. This does not mean one is less important. All are essential points to survival.

The only way I can try and relay the seriousness of this as a whole is by getting others to see that our entire country is not self sufficient. Most of our products and even many foods come from other countries. Even so, we as Americans for the most part are not self sufficient. If the trucking system was shut down for one week the entire country would have no food or supplies to be stocked. How many of you have food on hand just laying around or perhaps animals being raised? If you can agree with this then take this serious and as a warning from wherever you like, but don’t go back to your normal way of life as if nothing happened.

I am going to do a more in-depth video on YouTube soon but I wanted to get an overview of this information out there as a starter.


1. Water and Water Filters

2. Food (unrefrigerated)

3. Basic Medicines

4. Flashlights and Batteries

5. Lighters and Candles

6. Extra Blankets

7. Caffeine

8. Fire Wood and Fire Starters


1. External Lighting, Motion, Detectors, and Security Cameras

2. Doors and Windows Locked

3. Vehicle Locked

4. Garage Doors Closed

5. Animals

6. Doggie Door Considerations

7. Alarm Systems and Alternative Measures

8. Internal Defense Plan

9. Internal Defense Training

10. Firearm Training

Just to recap I feel it would be amazing if we didn’t have to ever worry about something of this nature, but we as a race are sometimes blind. Our desire for power and the idea that we are a true power is a facade at every turn. We may have the most advanced weapons systems in the world, the hardest soldiers, and we may even be able to fight every country at once and win, but we cannot win a battle that is within our own walls.

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within."

Have a great day and God bless,

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