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"Here I am, Send Me." Isaiah 6:8

Uganda Mission


The Back Story

After the military I like so many veterans, struggled with acclimating back into society. I went from a family to divorced and much worse off than before. I spent many years drinking, on drugs, partying, and women. I was simply running from the problems, filling that void with whatever I could get a hold of.

In 2010, God called me to a life in Christ.  Still lost, and uncertain, I knew the life I wanted,  but had no idea of the journey ahead. I lived in such guilt from the past that I couldn't be happy, give my children what they deserved, and had no self respect. I pushed through day by day working on myself by being honest with what I was dealing with internally and trusting that God would provide the healing I needed. 

As the years went by I felt God put a calling on my heart for ministry. I slowly introduced myself into the Holy Scriptures and began learning how to minister to others. Now, I am a Christ focused life coach and work with men to overcome their addictions, trauma, struggles, and relationship issues, as well as baptizing men in the name of Jesus.

In 2016, I met Fred over social media. Fred is a minister in Uganda that oversees orphaned children. God put it on my heart to tithe to this ministry. As I watched Fred post these blessings on social media over the next few years, I became more interested and wanted to do more so I began advertising for the ministry to raise more money for the cause.

In the past 7 years those that have joined me in tithing has helped raise enough money to build multiple churches, repair many damaged homes, give children supplies for school & teachers, feed over 450 orphaned children, as well as the elderly.

In 2021 I met Barret. Many of you may know him by Truexodus on social media. He is a pastor that also had been talking to Fred as of recent. Very quickly we made plans to go to Uganda and start hitting it hard. In December 2021, we made the journey and drilled our first fresh water well that has helped hundreds of locals. It was nothing less than remarkable.

When we returned state side, we began raising money to purchase land and animals to support this cause. We had a decision to make. Do we keep feeding by purchasing the supplies needed, or do we purchase the farm and teach them to feed themselves? We chose to teach a man to fish rather than keep giving him a fish. We were able to purchase 10 acres of land, farm animals, drilled two more water well in January 2023. This project has been nothing but a God sent blessing.

If you would like to donate you may donate here, or go on a ministry trip with us send an email to

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