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Elevate Your Skills, Elevate Your Confidence.


Ever wonder how Jason transforms his clients' skills so rapidly? It's not magic; it's the personalized touch of private training. When you train with Jason one on one, you're not just a client; you're an individual with unique goals and needs.


Why Choose Private Training with Jason?


Personalized Approach: Jason begins by engaging in a detailed conversation with you to understand your training goals. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; it's tailored specifically to you.


Baseline Assessment: To ensure precision in your training, Jason takes you to the range for skillset drills. These drills provide a baseline, allowing us to adapt your training approach based on your unique strengths and areas for improvement.


Our Guarantee: We are committed to delivering results. Expect significant improvement in your overall skillset, motor skill development, and performance. Jason goes beyond technical proficiency; he helps you achieve a thinking shooter's mindset – a game-changer in your journey.


Private Training Options:


Handgun & Rifle Concepts: Master the fundamental principles of handgun and rifle usage.


Handgun Mastery: Elevate your handgun skills to the next level with personalized coaching.


Home Defense Concepts: Learn strategic approaches to secure your home effectively.


Home Defense (FOF): Immerse yourself in realistic scenarios for a heightened sense of preparedness.


2 Man CQB (Day/Night): Perfect your tactical coordination in close-quarters environments.


Vehicle Defense: Navigate the challenges of defending yourself in and around vehicles.


CCW Concepts: Develop the skills and mindset necessary for concealed carry.


CCW Concepts (FOF): Experience the reality of concealed carry scenarios in force-on-force training.


Contact Us Now:


Ready to take your skills to new heights? Contact us now to discuss your training needs via email. Elevate your confidence, master your skillset – it all starts with Private Training with Jason.

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