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Tier Three Gun Lube and Cleaner is the only product you will ever need! Jason and a small team of specialist spent a year and a half developing T3 to ensure it covered all the needs of every gun owner, from every day gun enthusiasts to Special Operations.


T3 has been engineered on a molecular level to ensure your lube does not separate and there is never a need to shake prior to use. No matter how long T3 is sitting or on your firearms, it will function just like the first day you applied it.


- All natural product

- 100% American made

- Natural additives bind together on a molecular level so there is no need to shake and your firearms are protected to the fullest

- Non Corrosive

- Will not dissipate during firing like alcohol based lubricants/cleaners

- Penetrates microscopic cracks in metals that are created during the cooling process to ensure no carbon, rust, or corrosion build up, that causes metals to weaken

- Once applied there is no need to use harsh chemicals to remove carbon as T3 encapsulates the carbon and prevents it from hardening or sticking to metals

- T3 can be used on a wide variety of products such as firearms, tools, vehicles, kitchen appliances, and more

- Only requires a dime size amount to lube a handgun and approximately a quarter size amount to lube an AR15

- Works in cold weather operations

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