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Tier Three Gun Lube and Cleaner is the only product you will ever need! Jason and a small team of specialist spent a year and a half developing Tier Three to ensure it covered all the needs of every gun owner, from every day gun enthusiasts to Special Operations.


- Contains all three T3 products

- All natural product

- Additives bind together on a molecular level so there is no need to shake

- Non Corrosive

- Penetrates microscopic cracks in metals that is created during the cooling process to ensure no carbon, rust, or corrosion build up that causes metals to weaken

- Once applied there is no need to use chemicals to remove carbon as T3 encapsulates the carbon and prevents it from hardening or sticking to metals

- Perfect for your range bag or around the house

- Only requires a dime size amount to lube a handgun and approximately a quarter size amount to lube an AR15

- T3 Lube can be used on pistols, rifles, shotguns, knives, vehicle parts, and much more due to the natural ingredients used

- Works in cold weather operations

- Smoke off temp 500-525 degrees F






Tier Three Gun Lube and Cleaner Kit

SKU: 20005
  • It is extrememly important that you follow these procedures as closely as possible. T3 Lube has been designed to dominate the industry in capabilites and if not followed properly can cause issues.


    - Ensure that you clean the items as much as you can and dry before appling T3 Gun Lube. Applying T3 to some products can cause gunk!

    - Once cleaned and dry, apply a dime size or quarter size amount to the firearm parts. MORE IS NOT BETTER! T3 soakes into the cracks of the metal and excretes as needed during firearm operations.

    - Punching the barrel with more than suggested above is ok.



    - Between the BCG and firing pin in an AR

    - Firing pin assembly of a handgun

    - Any part that makes contact with the firing pin

    - Do not overlube as the lube can drain into the areas above and cause issues, especially in cold weather.

    - During cold weather operations, if too much is applied T3 can freeze and cause issues. It is designed to break away and should not cause issues unless the end user applies extreme amounts or T3.

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