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is a former United States Navy SEAL and combat veteran.

Overseas, his team carried out high profile missions that targeted terrorists, recovered both weapons and explosives, and performed interrogations that led to successful operations in surrounding countries that harbored terrorists. Pike trained multiple foreign Special Forces units in Weapons and Tactics. He also worked with the United States Secret Service protecting the President of the United States during overseas visits.

Pike spent his last year of active duty as an instructor, training active duty Seals for pre-deployment. This included Weapons, Tactics, Surveillance and Recon, Land Warfare, and Intelligence. Upon completion of his service, he was asked to return as a civilian contractor with L3 Communications to continue training active duty Seals in Coronado, California.

In 2012 Jason started his own tactical training business in Texas, working with Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians. He also focused heavily on helping woman and children who were victims of rape and abuse.

In 2017 Jason became Chief Instructor of United Defense Tactical in Costa Mesa, California. In addition to running live fire courses across a 1600 acre property in Piru, California, he leveraged modern technology by incorporating a state of the art, 270 degree training simulator into the curriculum.

Jason is also a Christian based motivational speaker and life coach. He travels across the country speaking to Military Units, Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighters. His focus is to better prepare them for the physical and mental struggles they deal with in the line of duty, maintaining a healthy home and lifestyle, while living with PTSD.




Piru, California

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