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Have you wanted to become a firearms instructor, start your own business, and begin doing what you love, living in your purpose, and teaching others? If so, this program is for you!

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Over the past 10 years, self-defense and Firearms Training has increased drastically in the U.S. Let’s face reality, our world is falling and the best thing we as citizens can do is prepare ourselves and others to be the best protectors, we can be for ourselves and our families.


As a former Navy SEAL, Jason has spent 18 years teaching firearms, tactics, and self-defense to citizens across the globe and one thing is certain. The demand far exceeds the capabilities of the current instructors across the U.S. We simply do not have the manpower to reach everyone. We must continue to adapt and further educate this current generation and those that come after us, and this is why Jason created the FMT Firearms Instructor Academy in 2020.


You may be thinking there is no way you can be a firearms instructor, you have no idea where to start, or simply incapable of achieving this goal for various reasons. Let me tell you exactly how Jason feels about this. I too once felt this way before I became certified, but Jason calmly said this to me,


“I was a nobody that had a dream to be a Navy SEAL, I started the journey, I became a SEAL, went to war, trained Special Forces across the globe, and now I am an educator of self-defense. The men who taught me how to be a warrior were also once students. This is the cycle of life. If you are willing to invest in yourself, and if you can find someone who is willing to invest in you, there is nothing you can’t achieve. The knowledge is out there, but you must go get it and let nothing stop you from achieving it."


Over the past few years, Jason has only offered this program to those that dedicated years to the process and has produced 12 firearms instructors across the U.S. to date. These men and women wanted to take the course to better themselves, be a better teacher for their families, and some even successfully started their own training companies. Due to the overall success, in 2024, Jason will be running 3 classes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can you earn as a firearms and self-defense instructor?  This depends on a few factors such as full-time vs part-time teaching, marketing, and how hard you work to secure clientele, however it has been noted that you have the potential to earn from $40,000 upwards of $150,000-$200,000 on the high end.


What does this program cover?  This program covers everything you need to know to help others to be safe and effective with firearms, and includes, Rifle and Handgun concepts such as types of Handguns and Rifles, How to Problem Solve Firearm Issues, Stance, Grip, Trigger Manipulation, Types of Malfunction & Clearing, Eye Dominance and Correction, Recoil Management, Common Shooting Issues, Understanding the Shooting Correction Chart, Shooting and Moving, Medical Plan & Execution, Range Etiquette, and much more! You will also be given Jason's curriculum for these courses!


I really want to do this, but I just don’t have the time!  Time is one thing we took into consideration when developing this program. The program is broken down into two sections. Online and in person range training. The online portion is self-paced within a three-month window. Each student will go through the online video library, understand the material taught, and be able to teach the material. Once you are ready, you will simply record yourself teaching each section in your own personality and upload your video to be graded by Jason himself. Once Jason has reviewed your upload/s he will give any necessary critiques for you to take onboard for future videos. (This is not a pass or fail. Jason will work with you until you have it right so don’t worry! Your success is his overall goal, and he will see to it that you are ready!) From there, once you have completed the online portion, you will be able to attend the four day in person Instructor Class which will be held on the range in Texas with Jason. You will get to see firsthand what it looks like as Jason teaches you the morning of day one. The entire afternoon of day one is dedicated to answering your questions to further prepare you for day 2-4. At the end of day one, each student will be given a class to teach and a date/time they will teach the rest of the students. From there each student will be critiqued by their peers and the instructors after they have taught their course of instruction.


What if I can’t make the range dates due to work or family obligations? As stated, our goal is to help you become successful. If time doesn’t permit you to attend your class range dates, you are able to attend the following range dates listed.


What can I teach once I complete the course?  To be recognized by FMT you are required to stick to the program curriculum taken, however we cannot prevent you from learning more and teaching other classes if you choose to do so.


Is the FMT course a national certification?  This course is not nationally recognized. It is designed to give you a high level of knowledge at a Navy SEAL standard which is not available in other programs such as the NRA. The level that you are taught is also far beyond what other organizations teach. With that being said, we do recommend you become an NRA certified instructor as many insurance companies require you to secure a policy if you choose to carry firearms instructor insurance. Although these courses are low level courses, they do have some valuable information that could help you be a better instructor overall.


Are there any other classes available that I can take after the FMT Instructor Certification Course?  Yes! Once you have completed the Firearms Instructor Academy, you are able to attend the quarterly Continuing Education classes that are offered. These courses are only for those that have completed this course. An email will be sent out disclosing Class information, date/s, time, gear needed, and what the class covers. For those that choose to attend and complete the class curriculum, you will be given a certificate of completion and be recognized by FMT to teach that material. The best part of this is the Continuing Education classes are free for FMT Instructors. This gives you access to thousands of dollars’ worth of training for FREE!


What if I don't know how to start a business?  In this program, Jason guides you in securing a business license, writing a waiver to protect you from lawsuits, and overall marketing concepts. In addition, upon successful completion of the program, you will be advertised on the Frogman Tactical website as one of the instructors with your location and email for training inquires.


Am I on my own after the program?  We understand that venturing out can be scary, so we want to ensure that this is an enjoyable experience for you. The overall goal is to get you to the point of being self-sufficient, however you are never alone. You will have access to Jason to ask questions you may have or to get guidance on things you may not understand fully.


As I begin teaching, do I owe Frogman Tactical any fees?  No! In fact, you will never pay a fee to us for the clientele we push your way. Once you secure the training FMT has no knowledge of who you train, when you train, or even how much you charge. Outside of the Instructor Program and Continuing Education classes, your business is your business!





Online Start Date: February 01

Online End Date: April 30

Range Dates: May 13-16

Spots Available: 0 spots of 20 left!


Online Start Date: May 01

Online End Date: July 30

Range Dates: August 12-15

Spots Available: 8 spots of 20 left


Online Start Date: August 01

Online End Date: October 01

Range Dates: November 4-7

Spots Available: 13 spots of 20 left

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