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Frogman Tactical is owned and operated by former Navy SEAL Jason Pike. Jason is a combat veteran, government contractor, and multiple entrepreneur of Train Like A SEAL, Frogman Supplements, and 501 c3 non profit, Warhorse Ministries.

During his time in the SEAL Teams, he was fortunate to have served in Iraq during OIF where he and his team conducted different types of missions to help fight the war on terror, Federal Internal Defense with Philippino & Korean Navy SEALs, and worked with the United States Secret Service protecting President Bush, among many other things.

After Jason left the Navy, he contracted for L3 communications teaching active duty SEALs in pre deployment training and was in the reserves. After he left that duty, Jason opened up a private contracting business and ran operations overseas for high profile personnel attached to BP Petroleum, Deep Water Horizon spill and other organizations.

Jason has been training law abiding citizens, Law Enforcement, and government entities, for the past 18 years across the United States in self-defense, weapons & tactics, and hand to hand combat.

Jason's overall goal is to train men to be the warriors they are called to be physically, mentally, and spiritually,  and help guide the lost to Christ. During his free time he is either with his family or doing ministry across the US or in other countries.