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Jason and his team have trained Thousands of Citizens, Law Enforcement, Military, and Government Entities over the past 18 years, and although that is a very high number, it is minimal compared to the 2A Patriots across the globe, ready to protect if they are forced to defend themselves, family, or if the need arises to come together as a nation and fight against tyranny.

Because all tactical training companies are limited on student participation due to quality of training, safety concerns, and time constraints, we are now focusing on building the Frogman Tactical YouTube channel which will allow us to deliver High Quality training to MILLIONS of 2A Patriots for their protection needs, and we need Your support!

Our goal with your support on Patreon is to bypass YouTube restrictions so we can deliver more advanced training knowledge that is needed for the American population to defend their families and our country if the occasion arises.


What Does Patreon Offer You?

- Monthly Firearms and Self Defense Training Videos

- Monthly Q & A Videos

- Monthly Zoom Calls with Jason

- Monthly Gear Giveaways

- Full Training Library

- 25% Discount on all FMT Merchandise

- "Gideon Project" (Quarterly in person faith based camping and range training)


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